The Pope’s Daughter

Happy November! Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month (hereafter referred to as NaNo) and I am so excited. I did NaNo successfully for 7 straight years but the last two, I’ve gotten a day or two in before collapsing under the weight of depression and other obligations. The first year I “failed” was especially tough because I hate breaking my duck. But I survived, as one does.

This year, I have a gentler goal and a little more time and energy. I’m cowriting with my best friend L (which technically makes me a NaNo rebel) and our novel is about a lesbian lady who’s getting married to her partner… in the Vatican. Officiated by her biological father, the Pope. It’s fun! 🙂

L and I have tried to write together before, but never with much success, although we’ve plotted a handful of other ridiculous stories. I’m feeling good about this year, but I also know that I have nothing to worry about if we don’t make it. Our friendship will not be in jeopardy. I actually cannot imagine anything that would put our friendship in jeopardy, barring unrealistic changes in personality.

After all, when we were freshmen in college, I wrote her an extremely embarrassing letter confessing my romantic feelings for her and hid it in her bag just before she left for spring break. And even though she absolutely did not return my feelings (especially since, you know, she identified as straight at the time, which should have been a clue to me), our friendship didn’t falter. She’s basically my platonic life partner. I text her more than anyone, even my gentleman caller. We are best friends the likes of Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe. And we are going to write a kickass novel this month.

If you’re joining us in NaNo, good luck to you!

today’s song: silver lining // cheryl wheeler


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