Scavenger Hunt

It’s been a long time since I’ve read as much as I want to. I was an avid reader in elementary and middle school, but it dropped off a bit in high school and a great deal more in college.

As I’ve tried to get my reading numbers back up, I’ve realized that numerical goals and contests (i.e., trying to read 50 books or a million words in 2017) aren’t for me. I always set them too high, and then I fall behind and feel awful and it’s a whole miserable cycle that you know as well as I. So this year, I’m doing a reading scavenger hunt with my friend Gaven.

Currently, we’re each making a list of 30 things one might find in a book: a stray cat, a forehead kiss, a character with a Mohawk, etc. We’re going to put our lists together and then spend the rest of 2017 competing to see who can find the most things from the lists.

Gaven reads in much greater quantity than I do, so in that sense, e does have an advantage, but because it’s not a pure numbers game, I have a chance, too. All of our scavenger hunt finds will be photo-documented, and I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing throughout the year.

If you’ve got any recommendations for things I should read, I’m always looking. Tell me in the comments or come be my friend on Goodreads!